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"Ugo, thank you for opening my eyes to living in the present. You are an exceptional
teacher who I’d recommend to anyone wishing to view themselves in a more positive way. The changes I experienced moved me away from a false self thinking that I’ve let limit my joy. You helped me break a cycle. You proved to me we can enjoy life more fully with new understandings and gave me tools to build on the progress I’ve made. I am indebted."*

 Charles M.

"I'd like to thank Ugo for helping me calm my mind and to instill confidence in me. The 5 sessions has helped me in my life and I am grateful for it. These sessions will also help you visualize what you want for the future. I would recommend Pacific Hypnosis to anyone that needs help with any sort of issue they may have."*

 Alex J.

"I am a sugar addict and decided to stop eating sugar early in January, 2018. I decided I would try out hypnosis to deal with the cravings. I found Ugo through an internet search and feel I was extremely lucky to find such a gifted practitioner. I signed up for his addiction program and feel like our work together has helped me with so much more than just overcoming my dependence on sugar. He has helped me to, reconnect with my mother after she and I had fight, be a peace with the loss of a dear pet, overcome irritability with my coworkers, and improve my sleep. But perhaps the most important, he has taught me how to put myself into a state of deep relaxation, where I can reconnect with my true self and make my own course corrections when life throws something at me that threatens to take me off track."*

 Beth W.

"Ugo has an outstanding demeanor and level of emotional comprehension.

He has a refined ability to help individuals explore the true capacity of their own thoughts and feelings, pushing them to new boundaries instead of automatically reacting to past memories or triggers. He is professional and caring in his practice, a service I utilize and recommend."*

 John J.

"Ugo is a fantastic hypnotherapist. Over the last few weeks of sessions, I’ve come to see him as a sort of Lifecoach. He’s very talented in his art, and knows how to tune a person to the right frequency.

He has helped me tremendously with my anxiety and self esteem issues by helping me replace my past conditioning with an updated set of beliefs. He’s helped me correlate feelings and events to desirable outcomes and has helped me out of my mind block, and limiting beliefs.

He’s a wonderful coach, hypnotherapist, and overall a really good person. I’d highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a way out of a rut, or just in general for the improvement of quality of life."*

Rebecca D.

"I was dubious about hypnotherapy but desperate. I was about to have a traumatic family visit and needed to have emotional distance. Ugo helped me create a loving boundary which made for a much more peaceful trip. I was also seeing a therapist and the two combined gave me the insight and compassion to be loving and present without bitterness, anger and depression. You are awake and aware the whole time, but the imagery created is very powerful and stayed with me. It worked! I'm so grateful. Don't dismiss this treatment, it's holistic and compatible with all therapies."*

Erin M.

"I worked with Ugo for about 5 weeks but I uncovered some of my past passion for life in the first session. He is a gifted hypnotist and caring soul. I would highly recommend him to anyone that is dealing with an issue in their life that they can't seem to get over."*

Matt B.

"Ugo is an amazing Hynotherapy coach! If you want to change your life, I HIGHLY recommend meeting with Ugo!!
My life has changed because of my sessions, I couldn't be happier!"*

Adrienne B.

"I saw Ugo several weeks ago for a fear I have been carrying with me for most of my life.  Had 2 sessions with Ugo - after which I have noticed a change in my attitude and thought patterns re: the fear.
I am grateful for this change and will continue for a few more sessions . Ugo is non judgmental and makes you feel at ease and safe. Thank you Ugo!!!"*

Melinda K.

"I concur 100% with all other 5 Star reviewers. Ugo is a marvelous, caring human being. With this quality at the forefront of every session his skills as counselor and hypnotherapist helped me to help myself. I highly recommend seeing Ugo for help with ANY concern you might have."*

Beth Rice

"I've tried hypnosis for a few things over the years with mostly good results, so I can compare a few hypnotists I've worked with. Ugo is top notch. You'll have to meet him to find out what I mean, but be ready to learn about yourself. When I leave Ugo's office, I always feel supercharged and ready to push forward to meet my goals. The experience of working with Ugo, always positive and enjoyable, has brought me immediate and lasting benefits. If you have never tried hypnosis, Ugo is a great person to start with."*

Wade G

"Life Purpose Revealed in 1 Session!

Ugo is awesome, and he has the ability to be very present and focused with his clients. I am so glad I went to see him for a hypnotherapy session! Ugo was professional, compassionate and patient as he guided me to some inner answers through skilled coaching, followed by hypnotherapy. Our session went so much deeper than I had imagined, and Ugo provided the perfect combination of guidance while gently allowing me to uncover information and to access my own inner resources. This process was very empowering! In addition, he has incredible skills as a hypnotherapist and I was able to easily go into a deeply relaxed trance state. The most incredible part of it all is that Ugo helped me to clarify in a specific way, my life purpose; which has generated an inner excitement for my work that continues to grow! Oh yeah ~ and since the session, some anxieties and concerns that I had been carrying around with me, seem to have simply disappeared!! I highly recommend Ugo and will be returning for more visits!"*

Alesia Regan-Hughes

"I recently had my first experience with Ugo the other day to try and work on some deep issues I've had to deal with for awhile. I was nervous at first, however he explained everything to me and made me feel very comfortable with starting. After the hypnotherapy I feel much better about the issues I was having and have never been happier. I do not represent them at all and those is my own experience, but it was truly amazing and am going to definitely come back!*"

Kane Henson

"Incredible experience, I cannot fully explain how precisely it has helped, but after 3 sessions with Ugo many of the negative self perceptions I held of myself associated with poor health decisions have all but been resolved. I admit it's a bizarre experience and I held a lot of skepticism of hypnotherapy being as I work in the field of evidence based behavior therapies myself. However, though the changes were subtle and not obvious at first, the scrambled thoughts in my head sort of "clicked" after a few weeks, and ever since then I have felt happier and more at ease with the challenges and self criticism I have held tightly on to regarding my identity. Definitely recommend at least trying it out.*"

Tyler Wells

"Sending out a huge thank you to Ugo, My son is 11 years old and loves baseball last year after training all winter long he developed a tremendous fear of the baseball while batting. We worked through it for the rest of the season but he never was able to feel comfortable in the batters box, witch effected his confidence in all aspects' of the game and taking away the love for the game. Coming into the current 2017 season we found that even with a break he still was very uncomfortable in the batters box. I talked with Ugo he though he could help, we scheduled an appointment the following week. After our appointment we did little league evaluations that evening My son did fantastic but it wasn't until he was at practice were the results really were clear he was crushing the ball again with no fear or hesitation during live batting practice. Most important was the huge smile on his face he was having fun again!!!

Thank you so much Ugo, I have already told this story many times to friends and college's and referred you to them as well."*

Jim Holden.

"I have experienced Ugo only in 2 meet-up meetings. I will tell you in those 2 meetings I watched him assist participants get to their core belief about themselves in under 10 minutes, I was amazed. I look forward to working with him professionally. If he can do in a session 1/2 of what he did in 10 minutes I will be thrilled."*

Ginny Link.

"I have been a long time smoker for 40 years quitting a few times. It has been almost two weeks now without a cigarette and I don't have those terrible withdrawals. Hypnosis has worked wonderfully but I think one must use it as a tool and keep reminding yourself the thing he instills into your subconscious mind. I only attended one session and plan on never smoking again.
Thank you sir!"*

Mike Crandall.

"I absolutely recommend Ugo for Hypnotherapy. I've been reading/listening to personal development material for over a decade and it's made an incredible impact on my life. However, after working with Hypnosis, I saw quicker changes and improvements than I had ever seen.

Instead of working on our issues on an intellectual level, hypnosis goes deep into your subconscious and emotions and makes deeper and quicker changes.

Understand that you are never out of control with hypnotherapy. You are always fully aware of what's going on, but you are in a deeper relaxed state while working through your issues with exercises and guidance.

This can literally change your life, it is absolutely worth the money. Call Ugo right now and make an appointment."*

Dr Kevin Leach.

"It helped me a lot to control my appetite and not to think about fast food."*

Everardo B.

"With all the stuff going on personally, I really needed a mental shift in my motivation.
During my session, Ugo helped me see a picture/vision of what I am working towards.
This has made a great impact for me.
Thanks, Ugo! "*


Don Lagrange.

"My session with Ugo helped me remember how to relax in a way that I hadn't been able to in years. Just remembering that feeling and using the techniques he taught me have helped me to wind down and sleep better at night." *


Josh Wiens.

"I went to see Ugo because I've struggled with insomnia most of my adult life, I've tried everything from cognitive therapy, natural sleep aids, drugs, meditation, and nothing worked long term. I was so frustrated, my body felt sick all the time, I couldn't concentrate, and my mood had hit an all time low, I was at the end of my rope!   A friend recommended Ugo, and while I was skeptical  I decided to give it a go, I really had nothing to lose.  I was impressed with how much time he took to get to know me and how easy it was to talk to him.  The treatment has a flow and rhythm that feels very healing, I'm not sure exactly how it works I just know it works!  I would highly recommend Ugo he went above and beyond my expectations."*


Joan R.

"I went to Ugo with what I thought was incurable insomnia. For decades I tried everything from herbs to pharmaceuticals. I tried psychotherapy, acupuncture and even underwent an overnight sleep study that showed no neurological problems. Everything worked a little, for a while. The problem was rooted in a concussion I received at age 4. Because of the trauma, I lived all my life in a state of wakefulness that is higher than normal. In just two sessions Ugo helped me access the part of me that remembers how to fall asleep easily, and to rest completely. He is very skilled and I recommend him without hesitation."*


Candace P



"With Sjorgren’s Syndrome and secondary Fibromyalgia, I live with daily pain.  Falling asleep has been especially difficult.  After only a few sessions with hypnotherapy, I am now able to relax, clear my mind, and fall asleep in a very short period of time.  I highly recommend Ugo Tsalapatanis and cannot thank him enough for his help."*


Mary Jo Monten



"Hello Ugo,


I am still satisfied with the session I had with you. My friends, knowing me and knowing the way I used to smoke, are amazed by the effects of hypnosis. I don’t have the need to smoke anymore and if sometimes I think about it, a bowl of fresh air and it’s all fine. Thank you again.



Kevin D.



"You will find a soothing place where you are listened to, where every problem is decrypted and processed carefully.

Through hypnosis and guided dreaming , I released my tension of the past , I stopped smoking and found a lighter life !!

Good luck through the meanders of the unconscious !"*


Joëlle B

"I did not know about hypnosis before making an appointment with Mr. Tsalapatanis. After only 2 sessions, the change was permanent. What seems to me the most important thing is that change came from the inside. I did not experience hypnosis as an outside manipulation but as a gentle emergence of what was already in me.


Thank you to Mr. Tsalapatanis for his skills and listening, which allowed me to be confident in the sessions and feel more relaxed today."*


Melanie T.

"Hello Ugo ,


A big thank you, I don’t smoke anymore! Two sessions were enough! I think about it of course, but the desire is no longer there! That's the most important thing. You were my last hope, and it worked.

Again, thank you."*


Charles C.

"I made ​​an appointment with Ugo for a hypnosis session to work on stress, and be more relaxed . It is with some trepidation that I went to the first appointment, but I felt comfortable and soothed as the session progressed. Wellbeing grew during the following days after the session and when life brought stressfull situations I remembered  the session and this wellbeing, this peace. Thanks to hypnosis and the expertise of my therapist I managed to relax and take life with much more serenity."*


Thank you


Frédérique G.


"Hypnosis is a gentle method, even more so guided by Ugo with his calm and reassuring voice. I really felt confident and this allowed the work to begin.

His willingness to do things well makes him a professional focused and involved with his clients. He knows how to adapt and advise his clients for optimal results.


I recommend Ugo for all his qualities as a practitioner."*


Alice B.

"Hi Ugo,


I appreciated the friendly approach and the effectiveness of therapy .

Again, thank you for everything."*


Steve S.

"What a happy coincidence to have experienced such a therapeutic session. It brought calm and awareness the day I quit work.


The next morning, after a night of deep sleep, I awoke, with no fear of emptiness, but with the intention to be happy in the moment. My day was filled with pleasure and serenity. Being reconnected to my inner intention allowed me to know that I had the resources to welcome that big change in my life .


Ugo thank you for your professionalism and humanity because it is good and necessary that people like you remind us about our true nature."*


Marie Claire B.

*Note : Results may vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as typical.

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