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What is Hypnosis ?


Hypnosis refers to a relaxed and focused state that allows you to have access to a deeper part of yourself, your unconscious mind. This state permits you to use inner resources you don't usually use. It's a normal state that everyone experiences when we become really absorbed into what we do or think. 


Driving a car, for example, can help you to understand how your unconscious mind works. Because driving is something you've done over and over, you might go on automatic mode in certain situations where you don't need so much attention. Another part of your mind takes over, we call it the unconscious mind or subconscious mind. This allows your conscious mind to be so absorbed in thoughts that you might not remember your trip when you arrive at your destination. You lost track of time and surroundings. In a session, we recreate, deepen and use this state to facilitate change.

What is Hypnotherapy ?


It's the practice of guiding someone into a hypnotic state which allows communication with a deeper part of self. Our practice is client centered. This means that we work together to help you gather your power so you can tap into your resources to facilitate change. That's what makes it so powerful and efficient.

Am I sleeping and/or unconscious during Hypnosis ?


Absolutely not! Hypnosis is an active state. You stay conscious so you can respond and be engaged in your change. Even though someone can seem to be asleep while under hypnosis because of eye closure and relaxation, he or she is not.

Can someone control me under Hypnosis ?


As you remain aware during the session, you are always in control. It is not to be mistaken with stage hypnosis where people go there for fun and want to participate. In our office, we do therapy with respect and integrity.

Do I have to share all my personal information ?


No, tell only what you are comfortable with. Only basic information about what you want to overcome is required. It is not about dwelling on every details of your past. It is a different way of doing therapy that makes it more enjoyable.

What is Hypnosis good for ?

Hypnosis can help you access more peace, freedom, joy, love and power which are your inherent qualities beyond fear and stress. By detaching yourself from limiting behaviors, you naturally reconnect with your true self. Hypnosis is also great for changing behaviors, limiting beliefs and how you show up in Life.


What's a typical session like ?
On your first visit we'll explain the process of hypnotherapy to you so you can be confident about what we are going to do and we'll address any concerns you might have. Then we'll guide you into the hypnotic state for relaxation and the process of change. It's very user friendly, you can still share what you are going through, give feedback, stop the process if you like go to the bathroom, etc.... Then I'll bring you back to your normal waking state for debriefing.
How many sessions should I expect ?
Although we witness amazing changes with hypnotherapy, it is not a magic pill and commitment is required for lasting changes. Even if you might experience changes at your first session (often) we strongly recommend a minimum of three sessions depending on what you want to work on. Some issues or goals require more sessions. Contact us to find out how many sessions to expect for your particular goal. 
Can anyone be hypnotized ?
Yes. Remember it's a natural state we go in and out of quite often. The real question is: are you willing to allow someone to help you go in this state and follow simple instructions for your own benefit? If a 6 year old kid can do it, you can do it. It is more simple than what people think and much more powerful.
For children, can the parents stay in the office ?
Yes, of course.


Do I have to believe in it for it to work ?
No, but you have to be willing to participate. This is not a passive therapy, the more involved you are, the better. Like everything else in life, the more heart you put into it, the more you'll get from it.
Why is hypnotherapy more efficient ?
It is more efficient because you work with yourself, not against it. This makes it easier, faster and more fun. What's useful about the hypnotic state is that it helps you bypass resistance so you can embrace change. Furthermore, this state helps you communicate with a much bigger part of you called the unconscious mind. It is where automatic behaviors are anchored and where you can have access to your previous experiences and your ability to learn and grow. This is why it is essential to work with it when it comes to changing something in your mind. The unconscious mind is like a huge reservoir of potential resources and we'll help you tap into it using hypnosis.

*Note : Results may vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as typical.

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