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We know how frustrating it can be to lose your ability to play at your level or to stop improving. Whatever you've been struggling with most likely has to do with how you're using your brain. And that's what we'd love to help you with.  

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Helping you enjoy the game and show up as your best self is our priority. Here's how we'll support you:

  • Identify clearly the problem and its cause.

  • Overcome past failures and release emotional tension and fear around it.

  • Retrain your brain to behave in a new and more positive way.

  • Replace negative behaviors or habits with better ones.

  • Overcome a blockage.

  • Learn to be more in control of your emotions.

  • Identify your best performing state and learn to access it on demand.

  • Identify limiting beliefs and attitudes and transform them into powerful ones that propels you forward.

  • Remember the love for the game.

Let us help you Free Yourself from that struggle and Enjoy your life again!

"Sending out a huge thank you to Ugo, My son is 11 years old and loves baseball last year after training all winter long he developed a tremendous fear of the baseball while batting. We worked through it for the rest of the season but he never was able to feel comfortable in the batters box, witch effected his confidence in all aspects' of the game and taking away the love for the game.


Coming into the current 2017 season we found that even with a break he still was very uncomfortable in the batters box. I talked with Ugo he though he could help, we scheduled an appointment the following week. After our appointment we did little league evaluations that evening


My son did fantastic but it wasn't until he was at practice were the results really were clear he was crushing the ball again with no fear or hesitation during live batting practice. Most important was the huge smile on his face he was having fun again!!!

Thank you so much Ugo, I have already told this story many times to friends and college's and referred you to them as well."*

Jim Holden.

"I can't thank Ugo enough for the amazing work he did for my family.  I had spent a lot of money on traditional cognitive therapy for sports performance anxiety and it wasn't helping hardly at all.  I thought the only thing to do was quit.  But after just a few sessions with Ugo I was witness to a total transformation.  I saw confidence growing and a renewed enjoyment of competition. 


This was my first experience with hypnosis and I'm a true believer that if it works for this it will work with anything you want to accomplish.  Thanks again Ugo!"*

Andrew A.

*Note : Results may vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as typical.

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