Hypnotherapy for Trauma / PTSD

Did you go through an experience that had a strong emotional impact? So strong that it left a mark in your mind and it is still present with you somehow in the forms of pictures, voices, sounds, nightmares, strong emotional reactions, fears or tensions in the body.                                                  

For reasons that everyone can understand, the experience wasn't digested or processed completely.


This is true for a Soldier that saw things nobody should see, a child too young to protect himself or herself, an adult in an abusive relationship.


Hypnotherapy can help you finish that process so that the mind can let go of it. The mind, like the body has its own healing mechanism. Sometimes the process can be blocked and interrupted for diverse reasons. Once you release what's blocking the process, the healing usually occurs naturally.


Hypnotherapy is a gentle and safe way to help you activate your own healing power and free yourself from the past.


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*Note : Results may vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as typical.

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