~Hypnosis to Help with Addiction~

Are you struggling with an addiction? Alcohol? Drugs? Sex? Junk Food? Work? Relationships? It can be hard to break free from it and to see the negative impact that it has on your life and the people you care about. The good news is that no matter how deep you think you are in it, there is always a way out. And that's what we'd like to help you with.

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"Ugo was great...After the first session there were just times where I felt this sense of deep peace I'd never found working AA steps."* B.W.

To succeed, we'll help you tap into the powerful abilities of the brain and the unconscious mind to make it happen. 

Here's what we'll help you accomplish:

  • Address the cause of your addiction and resolve that issue.

  • Be fired up and Motivated to implement the changes that would bring your life to another level.

  • Rebuild or Boost the Trust and Confidence in yourself.

  • Love yourself with no more shame, guilt and judgement.

  • Rewire your brain with Positive beliefs that can help you move forward.

  • Feel Free again. Imagine being free to behave in a way that you are proud of and that makes you feel good about yourself. Imagine showing up in life how you'd love to show up. Think about how it would benefit you and the people you love.

  • Be more at Peace.

Please note: we do not accept every client with stop smoking as a primary goal. Only Highly motivated people are chosen for best results.

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"Ugo was great. He helped me feel more at peace with moving out of addictive behaviors. First session is longer and he works on how you can move towards seeing yourself the way you want to be. Found it to be much more effective than a much longer time in traditional talk therapy. The sense of relaxation you achieve in a session is amazing. After the first session there were just times where I felt this sense of deep peace I'd never found working AA steps."*

Brian W.



"I have been a long time smoker for 40 years quitting a few times. It has been almost two weeks now without a cigarette and I don't have those terrible withdrawals. Hypnosis has worked wonderfully but I think one must use it as a tool and keep reminding yourself the thing he instills into your subconscious mind. I only attended one session and plan on never smoking again.
Thank you sir!"*

Mike Crandall.



"Hello Ugo,


I am still satisfied with the session I had with you. My friends, knowing me and knowing the way I used to smoke, are amazed by the effects of hypnosis. I don’t have the envy anymore and if sometimes I think about it, a bowl of fresh air and it’s all fine. Thank you again."*



Kevin D.



"Hello Ugo ,


A big thank you, I don’t smoke anymore! Two sessions were enough! I think about it of course, but the desire is no longer there! That's the most important thing. You were my last hope, and it worked.

Again, thank you."*


Charles C.

"You will find a soothing place where you are listened to, where every problem is decrypted and processed carefully.

Through hypnosis and guided dreaming , I released my tension of the past , I stopped smoking and found a lighter life !!

Good luck through the meanders of the unconscious !"*


Joëlle B.

*Note : Results may vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as typical.

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